What Are Your Options For Extreme Menstrual Cramps?

9 June 2020
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Most women go through some level of menstrual pain when they enter PMS and their period. The muscles naturally contract, which can create pain and stiffness as a side effect. However, for some women, it's downright debilitating. If you're suffering every month, you're doing so needlessly. Many women think that they're just not tough enough, but the reality is that every woman's menstrual pain is different, and some have it worse than others.
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Using Hemp Oil to Manage Interstitial Cystitis

8 June 2020
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Has your doctor diagnosed you with interstitial cystitis? Although you may be upset to have to deal with the pain and uncomfortable pelvic pressure, you may also be happy to finally have an explanation for these symptoms. Your next step will be to find a combination of treatments that work to alleviate those symptoms. One product that is likely to help is full-spectrum hemp oil. Here's a closer look at hemp oil and how it helps people with interstitial cystitis.
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Why Self-Breast Exams Are Important And How To Do One Yourself

7 April 2020
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A self-breast exam is a breast exam you give yourself. It's a way to feel for any areas in the breast that may feel tough or feel like a ball of tissue, which may be something to look into. Doing a self-breast exam is something you can do when laying in bed at night before you go to sleep. If you aren't giving yourself self-breast exams, you could be missing an issue in your breast, and when it's finally found, it could be too late.
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Understanding Vulvodynia

26 March 2020
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Vulvodynia is a serious concern for many women. The chronic condition causes pain and discomfort near the vulva, and unfortunately, there is often no specific cause. Vulvodynia can last for a long time, and the pain can lead to some serious sexual concerns for women. Vulvodynia is a form of sexual dysfunction. Do you suspect you have vulvodynia? Read on to learn more about the condition and how you might be able to seek treatment for this issue.
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What Is Endometriosis And Why Does It Hurt So Dang Much?

10 March 2020
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Endometriosis is a condition that many women don't know about, even though they have it. If you've been looking for answers as to why your periods hurt so much and have stumbled across endometriosis, you should know that it's possible for any woman to develop this condition. Here's what you should know to understand the basics about endometriosis. What It Is Endometriosis is just one thing: uterine tissue that's developed somewhere it shouldn't have.
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