Using Hemp Oil to Manage Interstitial Cystitis

Using Hemp Oil to Manage Interstitial Cystitis

Using Hemp Oil to Manage Interstitial Cystitis

8 June 2020
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Has your doctor diagnosed you with interstitial cystitis? Although you may be upset to have to deal with the pain and uncomfortable pelvic pressure, you may also be happy to finally have an explanation for these symptoms. Your next step will be to find a combination of treatments that work to alleviate those symptoms. One product that is likely to help is full-spectrum hemp oil. Here's a closer look at hemp oil and how it helps people with interstitial cystitis.

1. What is full-spectrum hemp oil?

Full-spectrum hemp oil is basically the essential oil obtained from hemp plants. The main active component it contains is called CBD, or cannabidiol. This substance is also found in cannabis, which is why it may sound familiar to you. Don't worry; hemp oil does not contain THC, the compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. 

In addition to CBD, hemp oil also contains other compounds called terpenes. These are what give the oil its flavor and scent, and they are also thought to have various therapeutic benefits, although researchers are still learning what those benefits are.

2. How does hemp oil help ease interstitial cystitis?

Hemp oil, CBD more specifically, is excellent at reducing inflammation. Since inflammation is the primary issue with interstitial cystitis, CBD can be really helpful at managing this condition. Once the inflammation in your pelvic region is reduced, symptoms like increased bladder pressure and pain will decrease, too. 

CBD is also really helpful for alleviating stress. There's no doubt that frequent urges to urinate are stressing you out. That stress can make the symptoms worse in a cyclical fashion. CBD breaks that cycle. It reduces your stress levels, which in turn reduces your urge to urinate as well as your pain. 

3. How do you use hemp oil to manage interstitial cystitis?

There are a few different ways to take hemp oil. Some people like to swallow capsules and others vaporize and inhale the oil. Perhaps the best way to use it, though, is to place a dropper full of it beneath your tongue. The active compounds will be absorbed into your bloodstream through the tiny blood vessels in this region. The effects should be prompt; you'll feel relief within a few minutes. You can take hemp oil as needed. Some people take it twice per day, and others take it every few hours.

If you've been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, make sure you look into hemp oil as a management option. It's natural, safe, effective, and easy to find. Contact full-spectrum hemp oil for interstitial cystitis providers to learn more. 

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