Why Self-Breast Exams Are Important And How To Do One Yourself

Why Self-Breast Exams Are Important And How To Do One Yourself

Why Self-Breast Exams Are Important And How To Do One Yourself

7 April 2020
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A self-breast exam is a breast exam you give yourself. It's a way to feel for any areas in the breast that may feel tough or feel like a ball of tissue, which may be something to look into. Doing a self-breast exam is something you can do when laying in bed at night before you go to sleep. If you aren't giving yourself self-breast exams, you could be missing an issue in your breast, and when it's finally found, it could be too late. Read on for reasons why self-breast exams are important and how to perform one yourself.

Why Self-Breast Exams Are Important

You probably only visit your gynecologist once per year. And if you don't go in for your appointment each year, you aren't getting your breasts examined at all. This is why going to your appointments are so important, and performing a self-breast exam at home is important as well. Your gynecologist will give you an in-office breast exam, much like the one you can give to yourself at home. If your gynecologist feels something in your breast that needs further examination, he/she will send you in for further testing. If you feel anything in your breast during your home examinations, you can bring this up to your gynecologist and show him/her this spot to see if it is anything to be worried or concerned about. You can perform this examination at night before bed, at least once per month.

How To Perform A Self-Breast Exam

To start, lay down on your back with your shirt and bra off so your breasts are not confined. Put the arm on the side of the breast you are going to be examining. Using your hand on the other side of your body, use two fingers (your pointer finger and middle finger), lightly touch the skin in a tapping motion around the entire breast, working in a circular motion around the nipple. Then use your two fingers again to rub in a circular motion to feel for any tough areas in your breast, start at the top of the breast and move in a circle around your nipple. If you feel any balls of tissue in your breast, it's something to bring up to your gynecologist. Repeat the process on your other breast as well. If you feel anything new or odd, you should bring this up to your gynecologist as well.

Self-breast exams are very important and every woman should know how to perform one. Talk to your gynecologist about how to do these exams at home and what exactly you should be feeling for if you have any questions. To schedule an appointment with a gynecologist, visit http://www.centraliowaobgyn.com

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